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Massage Table

About Us


Our Believes

At Healing Care Centre, We believe that everyone deserves a pain free body and relaxed mind, which are key to your healthy and happy life. Massage Therapy is more than the physical touch. It's about freedom from pain, stress free moments,  and rejuvenation to start fresh.  We differentiate our massage therapy service by providing professional high quality treatments with CARE. 

Our assessment is the pin point to get to the root of the problem, through our thorough assessment process. 


Privacy Policy

Another important aspect of our service is your privacy and information management. All your Personal and Healthcare information are storded and management in highly secure and licenced clinical software systems with highest level of security and encryption.

Who gets access to your data?

We get access to your data, offcource with your consent and your insurance company, ( in fact your insurance company already has your data. Its just that we exchange your claim data through their secure platform)

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